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For Businesses

  • Authentication and attestation of execution of foreign and UK corporate and commercial documents for use abroad including:
    • Powers of attorney
    • Company formation and opening of international branches and subsidiaries
    • Transfer of shares
    • Trade agreements
    • Tenders and contracts
    • Commercial Mortgages for International financing
    • Verification of identity of appearers
  • Certifying copies of company resolutions, minutes, reports and other company documents
  • Notarising certificates of good standing
  • Applications for patent registration or assignment
  • Protest of bills of exchange
  • Providing certificates to authenticate intellectual property rights
  • Notarising statements regarding UK and international copyright infringements
  • Affidavits of English corporate and commercial law for use abroad

Preparing and notarising:

  • Powers of Attorney by companies
  • Affidavits, statutory declarations, sworn statements and depositions by company directors and officers
  • Deeds for the increase and reduction of capital
  • Amendments to Articles of Association
  • Appointments and removals of company directors and officers

For Individuals

  • Preparing a sealed certificate for attachment to a pre-prepared document and witnessing your signature
  • Authenticating the content of documents
  • Making and Certifying Copy Documents
  • Probate
  • Conveyancing

Preparing and notarising:

  • Affidavit or Statutory Declaration
  • Power of Attorney to deal with the purchase, sale, lease, inheritance or mortgage of foreign property
  • Divorce documents
  • Consent documentation for children to travel abroad
  • Documents for Adoption abroad
  • Documents for Marriage abroad
  • Change of Name deed
  • Standard Sponsorship Declaration or Sponsorship Declaration in accordance with specific Embassy regulations (for UK use)

Legalisation or ‘Apostille’ can be arranged for you either by post, via agent or in person at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or relevant Embassy.

All the above Notarial services can be provided seven days per week either in London or the South West at:

  • Your own premises;
  • The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP;
  • Alternative premises convenient to you which will be arranged by the Notary.
A mobile ‘same day’ out-of-hours service is also provided where corporate or individual Notarial services are required as a matter of urgency subject to the availability of the individual Notary.

Gillian Clare Anderson
24 Hour Telephone 07956 002831
Alsa Deane, Holmbush, Downgate, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8HF

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